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Wedding FAQs

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Will I get every image that you shoot?
You will receive the majority of the images. However, during a wedding some images have the following conditions: (eyes closed, person walked in front of the camera, flash didn’t fire, etc…) These photos are removed. We are striving to ensure that we are providing you with a high-quality product. The images not selected are not archived and therefore are not available.
Does your studio provide videography services?
No. Currently at this time, Newell Photography only provides photography services.
Do you provide partial day coverage?
Please review our various packages. We offer 6, 8, and 10 hour packages to meet most people’s needs. However, we can meet with you to discuss a customized package.
Do you work with a second photographer?
No. Patrick is the sole primary shooter for Newell Photography.
Does Newell Photography use an assistant?

Style and Quality

What is your photography style?
Newell Photography covers weddings in a journalistic way, being unobtrusive and allowing you to be yourselves. There will be some minimum posing at certain times, but otherwise, please enjoy your day and let us capture your moments as they happen.
Do you take posed images?
Of course. There are times for posed images such as the family formals. Newell Photography may also give some direction elsewhere when necessary.
Can we give you a shot list of photographs we would like you to take?
We only accept requests for family formals, otherwise, we would be tracking down people instead for capturing the special moments throughout your important day.
Can we get the black and white images in color?
No. All images are not taken in color and were shot with black and white in mind.

Wedding Day

How many hours do you suggest we set aside for wedding day photos?
This will all depend on what is important to you. We can work with you to tailor a plan to capture whatever moments are important to you (Details, Bride Getting Ready, Groom Getting Ready, First Look, Couples Session, Family Formals, Off-site Session, Reception).
If we request you to stay longer, will you stay?
Of course! We do charge an overtime rate and will only go into effect with your approval. You will be charged the agreed upon hourly rate per the contract. This will be billed upon you return from your honeymoon.
Do we need to feed you at the reception?
Yes. It will be a long day and you wouldn’t want us to faint from starvation. We would prefer to eat at the same time as the wedding party to ensure we can continue coverage when you are done eating.

Post Production

Do you touch up all the images?
Yes we do. Every image receives basic post-production editing. We will adjust for color and exposure corrections along with other adjustments such as recovery, vignetting, noise reduction sharpening, contrast, and other techniques.
Why is there additional fee for enhanced retouching?
Additional time is required for every image when enhance retouching is requested.

Images & Legal

What rights do I have to the digital prints?
You will be given a print release that will allow you to make reprints for your own personal use. All copyrights will remain with Newell Photography. You are not allowed to edit, sell, or make profit as these images. These are also not for commercial use. All copyrights are solely owned by Newell Photography.
What is the difference between Print Release and Copyrights?
Print Release: This allows you to print for your personal use, while preserving the right of the photographer. You are not allowed to alter, edit, or modify the images in any way or sell images.
Copyrights: The photographer owns the rights to the images. This protects the artistic vision of the photographer by not allowing anyone to alter, edit, or modify the images in any way without the photographer's written permission. This also prevents other people from profiting from the photographer’s work without written permission. This is even more important in the digital age as images are posted and re-posted all over the internet.
• This is to ensure proper credit is given to the photographer for their work
• To prevent someone presenting an alter image as the photographer's original work
• To prevent someone from claiming the photographer's work as their own. This is to protect the photographer's livelihood and reputation. It also protects  the client. When looking for a photographer, you want to know the images are from them and not somebody else. This allows you to see if their style and quality of works meet your needs.
If I pay for my package in cash, will we be able to avoid paying sales tax or receive a discount?”
Unfortunately no, collecting in cash does not exempt Newell Photography from having to pay Michigan Sales Tax.